How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster in Four Steps

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Mobility scooters have low speeds, and as such, not all of them can be put on roads with cars. However, there is a way to increase the speed of a mobility scooter. If you have one of these scooters, chances are you have pondered on how to make a mobility scooter go faster. Although, ordinarily, most people would not require this process. The reason being that mobility scooters are mostly used by older people. Their needs are generally moving from one place to another irrespective of the speed. But if you want to make it go faster, welcome aboard!

What speeds can you expect from a mobility scooter?

How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster in Four StepsThe development of technology on a grand scale over the years has extended into the mobility scooter industry. Most of the newly made scooters are automated and have advanced features for the older versions. The speeds of scooters are not the same as there are various classes of Scooters dependent on other factors. The first type is the class one scooter; it has a speed range of 1 mph to 3 mph. While the second class of scooters takes the speeds a notch higher. It has speeds ranging from 4 mph to 6 mph. The last class of scooters is generally the fastest kind. They can have speeds that exceed 7 mph. When people purchase scooters, they know if their use will be indoors or outdoors. There are outdoor scooters that will suit your use perfectly. However, for individuals who require indoor usage, a scooter of 4 mph might be a little fast for them. For this reason, we have been able to identify the Glion SNAPnGO 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter as a viable option to suit your indoor and outdoor movement needs with ease.

What factors affect the speed?

The speed of a mobility scooter is stated in the guide, upon purchase. However, this speed can be affected by several other factors in line with your scooter use. Mobility scooters are of different kinds with each of them having a peculiar use. Some scooters are built for speed, those are the kinds that are roadworthy. Some others are majorly fitted with facilities to support the weight. This is useful if you use your scooter for shopping. Considering the kind of mobility scooter you have, the following factors might affect your speed:

  • Weight: The starting weight for average scooters is about 220 pounds, if you subject this scooter to weights above this, it may not be able to move as fast as it usually would.
  • Climbing hills: Mobility scooters are not made for steep roads. The speed nature of a road may prevent it from reaching optimal speeds as opposed to a sloped area.
  • Tire pressure: The same way as with having a car, with your mobility scooter, you also need to constantly check your tire pressure before moving. Low tire pressure can lead to your scooter going slower and, in some cases, may lead to permanent damages.

Taking these factors into consideration, it may be difficult to find a scooter that suits you. The 18S710EA – 4-Wheel Victory 10 Scooter fulfills major weight and speed requirements due to its modern style. This makes it a leading brand in the mobility scooter world.

Making your scooter go faster should come after you’re sure these factors are not weighing your scooter down.

Ways to speed up your scooter

Increasing the speed of your scooter will open you to a certain number of advantages. Among these are getting to places faster and being able to ride your scooter on roads. However, to make an electric mobility scooter go faster, you need to follow a procedure.

The first step is to add a powerful battery: The speed of a scooter is hinged on the capacity of the scooter’s battery. This is majorly what differentiates the different classes of scooters. You can easily do this by changing the battery on your scooter to a powerful one. The alternative is to add a second battery. However, this does not guarantee an increase in speed.

How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster in Four StepsThe next step is rewinding the motor: The motor of a scooter is the powerhouse of its speed. To achieve this increase, you need to wind the coil of the brushed motor. This process is known as reducing the winds and instantly increases your speed levels.

The third step to this procedure is removing the speed limiter: when you buy a mobility scooter, it comes with a heavy motor. The motor ordinarily gives you access to high speeds. However, due to state laws and other factors, manufacturers put speed limiters on scooters. Simply removing this opens your machine up to increased speeds.

The final step is changing the sprockets: except you are an expert on scooters, you may not understand the full use of sprockets. Replacing your sprockets with larger ones makes your scooter go faster. This method is inexpensive and guarantees the addition of a few miles to your scooter.

In some specific kinds of foldable scooters, some of these methods may not be completely applicable.

Safety tips

Increasing the speed of your scooter comes with several plus sides. However, the processes involved are extremely delicate and should only be carried out after extensive thought. There are certain precautions to take to avoid problems. They are:

  • Except you’re a motor expert, you should not perform any motor-related procedure on your own. If it is not done properly, it might cause more permanent damage to your scooter.
  • Different scooters have different mechanisms. As such, removing the speed limiter on an old scooter may not apply to a new version. You may need to have a technician take a look at it.
  • Changing the scooter battery is the first method of increasing the speed. You must make sure the voltage and power are drained from the battery to be on the safe side.
  • The final precaution is to stay away from any of the speed-increasing procedures except you are an expert. Even being an expert, you must be cautious as mistakes could lead to accidents.

Final thoughts

If you have been using your scooter for years, there is the factor of wear and tear. This accounts for a reduction in the overall speed of your scooter. No spell instantly increases your scooter speeds from zero to flying. However, there are several proven ways on how to make a mobility scooter go faster. The procedures listed above have been used by several scooter owners, following the precautions. They have gotten more speed while being careful not to damage the warranty existing on their scooter. We have dedicated some of our resources to researching mobility scooters. Our results have led us to the BUZZ AROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter. It combines strength and speed to give an optimal output.

The best route to go on your scooter speed increase is to start by understanding the design and how your scooter works. The next thing is to determine which speed increases methods suit you and then carry it out with caution.

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