How Far Can You Go on a Mobility Scooter? Possible Ranges Explained Depending on a Scooter Type

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Motorized mobility scooters account for 60% of total wheelchair users, making them more common. However, getting a scooter comes with questions like how far can you go on a mobility scooter? Well, that varies within an average of 10 to 35 miles. The mobility scooter is quite the machine that combines comfort with functionality. It has three or four wheels with a seat on top. It also has a footplate coupled with a delta-style steering wheel for controls.  The operation of the mobility scooter is majorly battery-powered. However, gasoline-powered scooters are available in some countries.

Common mobility scooter ranges

How Far Can You Go on a Mobility Scooter? Possible Ranges Explained Depending on a Scooter TypeMobility scooters generally have vast differences in the ranges they can handle. If you have in mind to purchase one, you’re probably wondering how far a mobility scooter can travel. Well, upon purchase, the scooter manufacturer will include a manual stating the details. These details contain the exact distance range the scooter can cover on one charge. This information varies depending on the size of the scooter. Other factors can infuse the range of your scooter. Among these are, weight, steep heels, heavy lifting, and battery age. The best way to ensure that you don’t run out of battery is to constantly charge and check your battery levels before moving. There are primarily three classes of mobility scooters and their ranges are in line with their use. The short-range, mid-range, and short-range scooters. Their differences lie in the use for which you purchased them. Among them, the three of them have a range of 10 to 35 miles.

Short-range mobility scooters: up to 10 miles

Short-range mobility scooters, which are also known as portable boot scooters, have the shortest range in the bunch. Having the shortest range will make you wonder how far can the mobility scooter go. The short-range mobility scooter was mainly made for flat terrains and short shopping trips. By extension, this means they are designed with limited speed and range. The major selling point for this scooter is its small size as it makes moving the vehicle and maneuvering it easier. The highest speed to the short-range mobility scooter is 4 MPH. They also come with batteries that have single charge ranges of up to 10 miles. This makes them perfect for short trips with lightweight. However, if you’re interested in going on longer trips, you should check out the mid-range mobility scooters.

Mid-range mobility scooters: 10 to 25 miles

The mid-range mobility scooter is a step higher than the short-range scooter. This implies it having a bigger battery installed in it, making it cover a larger distance. If you have learned about the short-range scooter and may require a longer distance, then the mid-range scooter maybe your next bet. The speed of the mid-range mobility scooter is a maximum of 4MPH, but some can reach more. Thanks to the improved battery life, the scooter can give a range of as high as 15 to 25 miles upon one full charge. This applies more in situations where you may have to cover long distances without public transport. However, a clause with them is that they are not approved to be driven on roads. As such, their operations are limited to sidewalks alone.

Long-range mobility scooters: up to 35 miles

If your eyes are on a mobility scooter that can take you further, the long-range mobility scooter is your machine. This scooter does not only surpass the others in speed and distance, it has the added advantage of being road-worthy. The long-range mobility scooter has top speeds reaching 6 to 8 MPH, making it able to move on public roads. It also has the advantage of being able to carry a certain amount of payload, just like the Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter. Which according to the reviews, fits perfectly into the description of what an exceptional scooter should have. Long-range scooters also have a full suspension, along with a large range of 35 miles. This advantage assures you of longer travel time from a single charge. The long-range mobility scooter combines the distance and mileage of the other classes to give an exceptional roadworthy vehicle.

Battery influence on the range

The battery that mobility scooters carry is a direct determinant of the range they cover. Scooters generally come with rechargeable batteries. These batteries are major of two kinds:

  • Sealed lead-acid batteries: This battery is peculiar to individuals with scooters who do not use it as constantly. It is an option because it is inexpensive.
  • Gel cell batteries: This is more costly than the other type of battery. The cost is tied to the constant recharge it requires before it has to be changed. This type is best for people who constantly move around in their scooter.

Upon usage, the mobility scooter requires an 8-hour charge. If you charge it for any time less than that, it may not function optimally. This might also have an extended effect on the normal range it would have with a full charge.

Other factors affecting the travel distance

The normal distance your scooter should be able to cover upon full charge is determined by the manufacturer. However, several secondary factors may affect this distance. These factors include:

  • Terrain: The terrain you take your scooter on affects its range. This effect is clearly shown when you ride up a hill on your scooter. Claiming a steep terrain will burn more power, therefore limiting your overall travel distance.
  • How Far Can You Go on a Mobility Scooter? Possible Ranges Explained Depending on a Scooter TypeLoad: The amount of weight you subject yourself scooter to is also another factor that will influence your total distance. Averagely, scooters are generally made to carry around 220lbs. Hence, anything above the stipulated weight might result in a reduction in travel distance. However, there are scooters made for larger capacities.
  • Tire pressure: You should always check your tire pressure before embarking on any journey. This is because low pressure can lead to a reduction in speed and the total distance of the scooter. It might even lead to permanent damage to it.
  • Weather: The effects of the weather on your scooter are many. For starters, the wind blowing against your scooter while you move slows you down but the scooter maintains the same amount of energy use. Another effect is from the sun overheating the batteries of the scooter. This causes discharge and by extension reduction in speed and distance.

There are several factors to look out for when using your scooter, the best option is to pay attention to it and inspect it constantly.

Is it possible to increase the range?

The advantage scooters have over other types of vehicles is the ability to increase their range. It is possible to extend the range of your scooter. There are several modes of stretching the range your scooter ordinarily offers.

Firstly, to get more range, you should ride at the dedicated speed and mode. This helps the scooter perform optimally, therefore opening you up to more range. Another way of getting extra range on your scooter is by upgrading your battery. You can get a battery that has more capacity than the one you currently use. This opens your scooter to more power, making you able to travel for longer. The next option is to add extra batteries to your scooter. This mode is one of the most reliable ways of getting more range from your scooter. In the case of owning a BUZZ AROUND EX Extreme Travel Scooter, your range worries are over, as it is currently one of the biggest names in the industry. The addition of other batteries spreads the workload of the scooter’s electrical system, making it more efficient.

Final thoughts

Mobility scooters are one of the most useful devices for individuals with mobility problems. As such, it is fairly easy for you to go astray in choosing the perfect scooter to suit your needs. The best way of evaluating your needs is dependent on the use for which you will be carrying out the most. Depending on if you will be more of outdoors or more of indoors or if you travel often. These are questions you should ask yourself before picking a scooter. After this, you can pick one that meets all your requirements and start making your life easier.

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