8 Best Folding Mobility Scooters – Lightweight and Portable Way of Moving

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If you use a scooter to get around, it’s absolutely essential to get something you can rely on. Your mobility scooter is your lifeline to the rest of the world, enabling you to see friends and family, buy groceries, and get outside the house. With the best folding mobility scooter, you can get back to living your life the way you want.

To help you find the right scooter for your needs, we considered several different factors. First, we looked at the ease of folding and unfolding your scooter, since anyone with a mobility impairment needs this process to be as simple as possible. We also considered scooters’ size and portability, as well as the comfort of the seat. Speed and range per charge were also important in our evaluation process. Find our full reviews of the eight best foldable mobility scooters below!

Top 8 Folding Mobility Scooters Review 2021


Glion SNAPnGO 3-Wheel Mobility ScooterEditor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 43” x 22” x 35”
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Max. speed: 7 mph
  • Range per charge: up to 15 miles
  • Warranty: limited lifetime on frame; 1-year on other parts

Other features: 41.5″ turning radius; 2.75″ ground clearance; 8″ honeycomb never-flat tires

The SNAPnGo from Glion is an impressive scooter. It weighs just over 30 pounds, but can support bariatric individuals up to 300 pounds. It also offers a range of 15 miles and a max speed of 7 mph.

What we like most about this scooter is how easy it is to fold and unfold. Simply pull up on the seat to lift it off the scooter, then fold the handlebar down over the base of the scooter. The seat can slide onto the bottom of the base, allowing you to carry the whole assembly in just one piece. Even better, the scooter is designed to roll along on its back wheels when folded, so you don’t even have to lift it.

To be fair, the scooter is somewhat long when folded up. But the fact that you can roll it rather than carry it is a huge advantage for anyone with mobility impairments, and it still fits in the back seat of most cars.

What we liked: The seat that comes with this scooter is very comfortable and comes with captain’s chair-style armrests. It’s also wide enough to fit heavyset individuals without discomfort. You can adjust the height to better reach the handlebars, too. For travel, Glion sells an accessory smaller seat that takes up less space (not included).

What could be better: This scooter only offers 2.75 inches of ground clearance, which isn’t very much. Don’t expect to be able to take this scooter on grass or any other unpaved surfaces.

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Ephesus S5 Electric Mobility ScooterBest Value

  • Dimensions: 38″ x 42″ x 21″
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Weight limit: 265 lbs
  • Max. speed: 12 mph
  • Range per charge: up to 25 miles
  • Warranty: limited 1-year

Other features: 3 speed levels; 9″ x 10″ x 4″ seat; removable child seat; adjustable (7”) direction bar

The Ephesus S5 scooter bucks the notion that foldable mobility scooters need to be slow and expensive. This budget-friendly scooter is the fastest model we reviewed, with a maximum speed up to 12 mph. The speed is adjustable in three levels, which are controlled by a switch on the handlebars.

On top of that, the scooter boasts a range of 25 miles on a single charge thanks to its lithium-ion battery. For most users, that means that this scooter only needs to be charged once every several days.

This scooter also comes with a few useful accessories. For example, there is a removable child seat that folds down under the main seat when not in use. You can also add a cargo basket to the handlebars if you plan to use this scooter while shopping.

What are its best features? Unlike a lot of other mobility scooters, the Ephesus S5 has four wheels instead of three. That adds some weight, but it also makes this scooter much more stable. That’s especially important if you plan to use it at higher speeds.

What could be improved? This scooter folds down in seconds, but the folded size isn’t all that small. It also weighs over 60 pounds, which makes it hard to lift into a car for transport.


WISGING Folding Electric Mobility ScooterBudget Pick

  • Dimensions: 35.4” x 20.5” x 29.5”
  • Weight: 58 lbs
  • Weight limit: 280 lbs
  • Max. speed: 9.3 mph
  • Range per charge: up to 18.6 miles
  • Warranty: limited 1-year

Other features: solid rubber tires; removable seat cover; handle on the seat backrest

The WISGING is a budget-friendly folding scooter, but you wouldn’t know that just from looking at its features. This scooter uses a slightly more complicated three-part folding mechanism than other models, but it only takes a few seconds to fold and unfold once you get the hang of it. From a relatively large unfolded size, it packs down small enough to fit inside the trunk of almost any car. Plus, you can roll it along on the wheels for easy transport.

The scooter is equipped with an 8 amp-hour lithium-ion battery, which can be removed for plane travel. The battery and electric motor together give it a maximum speed of over 9 mph – it’s the second fastest foldable scooter we reviewed – and a range of almost 19 miles.

Users also loved the seat on this scooter, which features armrests and a wide base. It’s not quite as plush as it initially looks, but even heavier users found it to be quite comfortable.

Why are we impressed? The durable all-rubber wheels are one of the main selling points of this scooter. They are each eight inches in diameter and burly enough to roll over grass and small obstacles with no trouble. Plus, they give this scooter a surprisingly high ground clearance.

What could be better: This mobility scooter weighs nearly 60 pounds. That makes it hard to lift when you need to get it in and out of a car.


Innovative Mobility Products SmartScoot Mobility ScooterBest Collapsible Mobility Scooter

  • Dimensions: 39″ x 38″ x 22″
  • Weight: 39.5 lbs
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
  • Max. speed: 7 mph
  • Range per charge: up to 12 miles
  • Warranty: limited 2-year on frame, 1-year on other components

Other features: stainless-steel frame; breaks into 3 parts without any tools needed

The SmartScoot from Innovative Mobility Products is a modern-looking scooter. What makes this scooter unique is that it’s designed to collapse as much as it’s designed to fold. The seat and battery pack are fully removable for transport, while the rest of the frame folds down in a single piece. There are no tools required for this breakdown process and it takes just a few seconds.

The whole scooter is just under 40 pounds, and the frame is just 27 pounds on its own. The frame is made from stainless-steel, which makes it durable and scratch-resistant. However, note that it has a relatively light weight limit of just 250 pounds.

The speed and range of this scooter are pretty good. The scooter can throttle up to 7 mph, and you can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge. Since the battery is removable, you can charge it without having the whole scooter or keep a spare battery with you.

What we liked: The seat on this scooter resembles modern ergonomic desk chairs much more than a traditional scooter seat. It offers excellent lumbar support and helps keep your spine in alignment as you sit up and reach the handlebars.

What could be better: This scooter is relatively expensive, so we’d like to see a more robust warranty policy. Innovative Mobility Products only offers a two-year warranty on the steel frame and a one-year warranty on the rest of the scooter.


Transformer Automatic Folding Travel ScooterBest Automatic Folding Scooter

  • Dimensions: 37″ x 47″ x 18″
  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Max. speed: 3.75 mph
  • Range per charge: up to 13.7 miles
  • Warranty: limited lifetime on frame, 1-year on other components

Other features: automatic folding and unfolding; remote control

The Transformer is one of the only folding mobility scooters that folds without any work on your part. Simple push a button on the included remote control, and the scooter will collapse all on its own. When you’re ready to use it again, you can use the remote control to automatically unfold the scooter as well.

Despite having these automated mechanisms, this scooter weighs just 53 pounds. However, it is rather bulky and takes up a lot of space even when folded. It’s also relatively slow, with a maximum speed of just 3.75 mph.

Users appreciated that this scooter comes with a very comfortable seat, which includes a full-height back and armrests. The seat isn’t adjustable, but it has a roomy base so you can make yourself comfortable or add risers if needed.

What we liked: This scooter has four never-flat wheels and a fully solid base. That keeps the center of gravity low and makes it more stable if you lean out of the seat. We also like that the Transformer scooter comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame.

What could be better: This folding scooter isn’t very compact, and it’s quite heavy at over 50 pounds. While you can travel with this scooter, it wouldn’t be our first choice for this purpose.


EV Rider Easy Move Folding Travel Mobility ScooterBest Heavy-duty Folding Mobility Scooter

  • Dimensions: 33” x 16” x 32.8”
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
  • Max. speed: 3.8 mph
  • Range per charge: 10 miles
  • Warranty: limited 3-year on frame; 1-year on other parts

Other features: 31-inch turning radius; puncture-proof and flat-free tires; LED headlight

The EV Rider is a heavy-duty folding mobility scooter, although it doesn’t come with a heavy weight. This scooter clocks in at just 42 pounds, which isn’t all that much more than some more expensive ultra-light models.

Unfortunately, the scooter did skimp a bit on the motor and battery specifications. It can only travel at a maximum of 3.8 mph and 10 miles on a single charge. That’s plenty for many users, but it does mean you’ll need to charge the battery after every use.

The scooter also doesn’t fold down to a very compact size. The seat can collapse into the base and the front of the scooter folds back, but these mechanisms alone do little to shrink the frame. You might run into trouble trying to load this scooter into the back of a small vehicle.

Why are we impressed? This scooter is built with a very comfortable seat that offers good lumbar support. The seat back isn’t adjustable, but it provides just the right amount of height to help you sit upright and reach the handlebars.

What negatives must you be aware of? The base of this scooter offers almost no ground clearance whatsoever. You are restricted to using this scooter on paved surfaces, and even small rocks can scratch the underside of the scooter.


ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter by MovingLifeMost Compact Folding Mobility Scooter

  • Dimensions: 35″ x 47″ x 22″
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Weight limit: 265 lbs
  • Max. speed: up to 4 mph
  • Range per charge: up to 12 miles
  • Warranty: limited 1-year warranty

Other features: folds to 15.3″L x 16.5″W x 28″H; multiple mode mechanism; LED display; splits into 2 parts

The ATTO folding mobility scooter from MovingLife is unlike anything else we’ve seen. The folding mechanism is incredibly simple – just lift the seat and undo latches on the handlebar, base, and seat post. Once you’ve done that, the scooter folds in on itself to form a compact rectangle that takes up just a fraction of the space of the unfolded structure. When fully folded, this scooter is just over 15 x 16.5 x 28 inches, which is small enough to fit in any car.

You can also split the scooter into two pieces, which is handy for travel. The two pieces are each small enough to fit into a standard airplane overhead bin.

However, this scooter is missing out on a number of other basic features. It can only move at a maximum of 4 mph, and the range is limited to 12 miles per charge. It’s also very heavy, weighing in at over 60 pounds. That makes it difficult to move around, even if you split it up into two pieces.

What do we love it for? It’s hard to overstate how important the foldability of this scooter is on a day-to-day basis. Anyone can work the latches, and the scooter rolls along on its wheels once it’s packed. It also springs back into assembled form in just a few seconds.

What were we disappointed with? The ATTO scooter is very expensive compared to the other foldable mobility scooters we reviewed. Despite this, MovingLife only provides a one-year limited warranty with no additional guarantees for the frame.


TravelScoot Folding Electric Mobility ScooterBest Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter

  • Dimensions: 39” x 24” x 37”
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Weight limit: 350 lbs
  • Max. speed: 4.5 mph
  • Range per charge: up to 15 miles
  • Warranty: limited 2-year on battery

Other features: fully rotating speed; adjustable seat height; aircraft-grade aluminum

The TravelScoot is an incredibly lightweight electric folding scooter. It totals just 35 pounds, in part because the frame is made of ultralight aircraft-grade aluminum. This aluminum frame is so strong that it can carry individuals up to 350 pounds – a higher weight limit than any other mobility scooter we reviewed.

The scooter is relatively bare-bones to keep the weight down. The foot pedals aren’t as comfortable as what heavier-duty scooters offer, and the floor of the frame is filled with fabric rather than a sturdy platform. Users also didn’t love the seat, which offers just a small, somewhat hard backrest. The seat height can be adjusted, but this requires tools.

Given its small size when unfolded, it should be little surprise that this scooter folds down quite small. It easily fits inside most vehicles and is simple to lift in and out of the car.

What makes it stand out? This scooter doesn’t skimp on the wheels, which are made fully from durable rubber. Although it only moves at 4.5 mph, this scooter is capable of taking on inclines up to a 15% grade.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? This scooter is extremely expensive, which can be hard to justify. We’d like to see a more serious warranty policy, too. The current policy only covers the battery, and only for two years.

Things to Consider

Now that you know more about our eight favorite folding mobility scooters, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Getting the best scooter for your needs is critical to your comfort and health, not to mention your ease of getting around to the places you want to go. In our buying guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to choose the best foldable mobility scooter.

Advantages of getting a folding mobility scooter

8 Best Folding Mobility Scooters – Lightweight and Portable Way of MovingThe advantages of a mobility scooter are obvious to anyone who is mobility impaired. With a scooter, you can cover the long distances required to shop at the grocery store or go for a casual stroll around the neighborhood with family and friends. Scooters can help eliminate pain while keeping you mobile.

But why get a folding mobility scooter, instead of a fixed model? Foldability is key for transporting your scooter to wherever you need it. For example, if you want to use your scooter to navigate the grocery store, it first needs to fit inside your car. This can be a massive challenge for an upright scooter, but it’s no problem if your scooter collapses down to a small size.

Another advantage is that many folding mobility scooters can be taken on planes. If you travel for leisure or to see family, this is a huge advantage. Not only can you use your own mobility scooter at the airport, but you’ll have your scooter with you for your entire trip.

Features to consider before you buy a collapsible scooter

Figuring out which collapsible scooter is right for you can be tough, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here, we’ll highlight the most important factors you need to consider when choosing a folding mobility scooter and explain why they matter.

Ease of folding and unfolding

If your scooter is difficult to fold, it’s almost as if it doesn’t fold at all. After all, there are very few occasions when you will be willing to spend a half hour or more fighting with your scooter to get it to open or close. As a result, you will probably end up not using your scooter as much as you should, which can lead to spending more time closed up at home or even injuring yourself by trying to walk too far.

The folding mechanism is different on every mobility scooter. Some have latches to unlock the folding components, while others, like the Transformer scooter, fold automatically with the touch of a button. Some models, like the Innovative Mobility Products SmartScoot, break down into multiple pieces. This can be more work, but it may be necessary if you need to fit your scooter into a small space like the trunk of your car.

Folded and unfolded dimensions

The size of your scooter – both when folded and when unfolded – matter a lot. If your scooter won’t fit inside your car even when it’s folded, for example, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to put it to good use.

Look closely at the dimensions of your scooter and consider where you’re most likely to use it. Keep in mind that size is often a trade-off with comfort, as larger, heavier mobility scooters tend to have bigger seats and more storage area.

Seat size and comfort

8 Best Folding Mobility Scooters – Lightweight and Portable Way of MovingThe seats on folding mobility scooters come in all shapes and sizes. Some scooters, including the Glion, WISGING, and Transformer scooters, are built with full chairs complete with armrests. Others, like the EV Rider and TravelScoot scooters, have slimmed down seats with just a tiny backrest.

When thinking about the seat size, consider how much time you plan to spend sitting in your scooter. You should also consider whether a small seat is likely to cause back pain for you. While these smaller seats are often surprisingly comfortable, they can be painful if you suffer from low back problems.

Materials and durability

A folding scooter is a major investment, so you want to be sure that it’s going to last. Look for scooters that are made out of durable materials, both in the scooter frame and in the seat. For example, you might want to consider scooters that have leather upholstery such as the Ephesus or Transformer scooters.

It’s also worth considering what the wheels are made of. One of the reasons we like the Glion scooter, our Editor’s Choice, is that it is outfitted with durable never-flat tires.

Weight limit

Heavier individuals will need to think about the weight limit that a scooter is rated for. Most foldable mobility scooters are capable of carrying heavier loads, up to 250 pounds or more. If you’re looking for the best folding bariatric electric mobility scooter, you might want to consider a model like the TravelScoot scooter that has a weight limit of 350 pounds.


8 Best Folding Mobility Scooters – Lightweight and Portable Way of MovingSpeed typically isn’t a huge concern when choosing a mobility scooter – the point is to get around safely and painlessly, rather than to zip around town. Still, it’s worth considering speed if you plan to use your scooter to cover longer distances.

Many of the scooters we reviewed have a maximum speed of just 4 to 5 mph. But the Ephesus S5 sports a maximum speed of 12 mph, and the WISGING scooter isn’t far behind it with a max speed of 9.3 mph.

Range per charge

The distance you can travel without having to recharge your scooter is critical if you spend most of your day out of the house. All of the scooters we reviewed can carry you at least 10 miles before needing a recharge, and most of them can go 15 miles or more. The Ephesus S5 stands out for its incredibly long 25-mile range – most people will only need to recharge this scooter every several days.

Ground clearance

If you plan to use your scooter on grass or other uneven terrain, then ground clearance is well worth thinking about. Most mobility scooters are very low to the ground because that makes them more stable, not to mention smaller in size.

Generally, scooters with larger wheels, like the WISGING scooter, tend to have slightly more ground clearance than competing models.


Be sure to look at what warranty a mobility scooter comes with. It’s important that your purchase is protected in case there’s something wrong with the electronics or mechanical components. Most of the scooters we reviewed come with a warranty of just one year, and often that excludes the battery or motor. Some scooters, including the Transformer and EV Rider models, have longer warranties on the frame.


Unfortunately, folding mobility scooters aren’t cheap. Expect to pay over $1,100 for a budget-friendly model like the WISGING scooter, and up to $2,800 for a premium scooter like the model from ATTO.


Yes, you can take a folding mobility scooter on a plane. Typically, it’s free to check your scooter with most airlines. If your scooter has a lithium-ion battery, you’ll need to bring it on the plane with you.

Most foldable mobility scooters don’t require any tools to fold or unfold them. Avoid folding scooters that require tools, as these will be difficult to use on a daily basis.

Your scooter’s maximum range per charge will depend somewhat on your weight, although this shouldn’t make a huge difference. You can conserve battery by moving more slowly if you need to get slightly more range before recharging.

Our Verdict

Our three overall favorite folding mobility scooters on the market today are the Glion SNAPnGo, the Ephesus S5, and the WISGING scooters.

The WISGING and Ephesus scooters are both budget-friendly models that pack a ton of features. The WISGING scooter has a comfortable seat, full rubber tires, and a relatively high top speed. The Ephesus S5, meanwhile, was the fastest folding scooter we reviewed as well as the one with the longest range. Although the seat is somewhat small, the price and overall quality make it attractive for a wide variety of users.

Still, we think the Glion SNAPnGo is the overall best folding mobility scooter. It offers an incredibly simple and fast folding mechanism, plus it’s light enough to lift or roll easily. The seat is very comfortable, and all of the components are adjustable to fit your body.

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