About Us

With so many modern technologies, gadgets, and inventions, aging is not what it was decades ago. Today we have tons of means to make the lives of the elderly as convenient as possible even if their physical abilities are not as impressive as they used to be. Thanks to our expert advice, relatives and caregivers are now equipped with all the necessary knowledge to take the seniors’ comfort to the new level.

Who we are

SeniorsJournal is an online community of people who care. We are sure that aging in place is possible and available to practically anyone. In our articles, you’ll find solutions for enhancing mobility, advice how to look after the disabled elderly and people with neurological and mental disorders, as well as tips on how to use gadgets and technologies in general to make seniors’ daily routine a breeze.

Our team

Timothy Warren

Timothy Warren

Research Writer

Timothy lives and works in Roseville, CA. He’s a fantastic news reporter and our talented freelance writer. He has an elderly grandfather, so many of the articles are of a personal interest for him.

Travis Cleary

Travis Cleary


Travis is a professional SEO specialist who makes sure our portal reaches its target audience and helps as many people as possible. Travis loves reading scientific magazines and traveling with his wife and son.

Dana Jackson

Dana Jackson

Expert Consultant

Dana works as a nurse in one of the retirement homes in Colorado Springs. She knows for sure what the elderly really want and need: our love, care and attention. Dana is also a loving wife and mother of three boys.

Where we get our solutions from

We collaborate with a number of partners who demonstrate expertise in serving the seniors and making their lives better day by day. These are hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, as well as individuals who look after their senior relatives and are ready to share their knowledge.

Apart from that, we have our own expert editorial team who are constantly doing researches to find the most modern and effective ways to help the elderly. We carefully scour the market in search of the most remarkable products that can serve our purpose. During this process everything is taken into account: the manufacturer’s description, product’s specifications, customer feedback, sales statistics, and the overall pricing.

Our testing department makes sure each model deserves its place in one of our articles. If possible, we test them ourselves or send them to our focus group. Based on the overall impressions and revealed pros and cons, we compile our final list of the most trustworthy models and write detailed reviews for each. The result – an all-encompassing, unbiased guide designed to help you find the ideal solution for the senior you look after.

Any suggestions?

We’re always open for new partnerships, collaborations, and suggestions. Should you have any question or offer, don’t hesitate to contact us via this email: [email protected]